Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Old Woman

In two days, I will be 22. Sounds like a crazy old age. I used to look at people that old and think "man, they're so old and experienced and know everything." Now I'm not so sure. Maybe my experience and life instruction book will arrive in CPO just in time for my birthday. Here's hoping.
I have blogged on and off for a long time, I have blogs scattered all across the internet. I thought that perhaps I should update to a new one. One to share with my friends and family, and to blog about silly things. Because isn't that what blogs are for?

A list of things that have made me particularly happy today:

- Seeing my dad. It's been since Spring Break, and even that wasn't for very long. We went to a steak house in Lexington and sat outside and ate steak. Really, can it get any better?
- Finishing another book! I'm tearing through them this summer, and I'm loving it! Tonight, I finished "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde. It was fascinating, and I liked it a lot.
- My roommates, Kelsey and Elisa. They are wonderful girls, and I'm really loving getting to know them.
- Colormekatie... she's so fantastic and bubbly and happy. I wish she lived in my apartment complex or neighborhood.
- Lexington. I love cities. Especially in the summer time.
- Walking out on my (teeny) porch and seeing Garfunkel, the strange silver man who now guards our front door.
- Summer time in general. Freedom from classes and homework, liberty to read books I want to read, fun summer dresses, not eating big meals because it's just too hot... all wonderful, wonderful.

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