Monday, August 16, 2010

Things that have changed

I have all these grand aspirations of inspiring blogs, witty blogs, even mildly elloquent blogs... But instead, all that pops into my head are lists. I am a list maker by nature, so I guess... the list-blogs are what comes naturally. I do have a few deeper thoughts to go into at a later date... but not today. I'm sort of sleepy and don't have the wherewithal to be inspiring, witty, or elloquent. So I'm settling. And that, readers, means you will too.
So without further ado... a list of things that have changed since the last time I blogged.

- I have a new laptop. It's a little Asus notebook I've named Asa. It's tiny and I love it.
- Both my roommates have moved out... well, one has returned from England and THEN moved out, if we want to get technical. But they're both in their new apartment. I have four or five days until I move into my apartment for the school year, although I've already begun moving things over. I'm hoping it's a rather seamless transition come Saturday, moving only me and the last little bits left over.
- I have new things for our apartment! Like a toaster, and a silverware set, and a canister set for the counter... yay!
- I have done two more overnights at the Nanner. I really enjoy them, for I am a night person. And I really like the people I work with. I may have decided that I will continue to do overnights through the school year. I am taking such a small credit load, it may be possible to keep doing them.
- My sister goes to college for the first time this Saturday. It doesn't seem like she's really looking forward to it, but I think she'll be wonderful.
- Classes start in one week from today. Not particularly looking forward to this, to be honest... but it's the last school year, I think!
- New ideas for the future are rolling around in my head. I won't mention them, because I know at least one person will say to me (five years down the road) "But I thought you were going to *fill in the blank*" when really it was just an idea, and not an actual decision at all.
- I got bangs. I went home last weekend to see my family, and especially my sister. She and I decided to have a hair adventure, and the result is bangs for me. I like them, though they get in my eyes a lot.

See? Nothing insightful, and not much that is too interesting, either. But another change is coming, a final school year, and maybe when my brain gets working again, I will have some fascinating blogs for you.

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  1. Abbi I love your blogs! I'm looking forward to secretly stalking all of your new and insightful posts in the future :)

    I feel like our apartment-sharing-experience should have some sort of epic closure. Like a last hurrah as we help you move the last little bits out. Mate should be involved.

    It's been fun to entertain you with my crazy/weird habits and I will miss seeing you all the time!

    I think my last request is that Garfunkel grace the porch of Davis. That way I can see him whenever I look out my window! Really, I don't know what I'm going to do without Garfunkel as a guard!

    Anyway, long comment. I hope it finds you well!

    Your (x)roommate,