Sunday, September 19, 2010

I always get so excited when I see that someone has posted a new blog... so I thought I'd post one, and maybe make someone else happy. I'm not sure what I have to say yet.

Last night, I worked at Banana Republic until 6 am. We put tons of stuff on sale, and it pretty much took that time to mark it all down. Which means.... Holiday stuff comes in soon! We've already got some jackets and sweaters and boots, but they are about to come in like ants at a picnic! I'm a summer person, mostly... but OH, do I love sweaters and hoodies and coffee and big, cozy comforters, and red and brown and yellow leaves... and apple cider! Fall is coming, slowly (we're scheduled for a nearly-ninety degree day this week!) but it's coming. Huzzah.

I heard a sermon the other day on the biblical view of women. He talked about the difference between what our culture tells us about ourselves versus what the Bible shows to be true, and he challenged us to fast for a week of all TV, movies, music, and magazines that project a wrong view of women. It's been really hard- I never really thought about how the television shows I watch show skewed versions of women, or how much music on the radio blasts wrong depictions of women, relationships, etc, at us.

School is back in full swing, and I'm enjoying it. I am rather ready to be done, though. Which brings up all those questions about the future. I am just as clueless about life after May as I was this summer...

Speaking of summer- I love seeing my summer roommates around campus- it makes me super happy. I just love them... AND I love my new roommates, Joy, Heather, and Meredith. They are just the cutest thing ever, and they're so sweet. I'm so blessed by the people I live with, just in encouragement and in a million different ways every day.

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