Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ohp. I haven't updated in nearly a month... I guess some things have changed in my life. So, here's a quick rundown of everything.

1- Korea does not appear to be happening. The door did not slam shut, but it was the quiet, pushing a cat's nose out of the door type of movement (with me being the cat here).

2- Transition to Teaching. I'm planning on taking an 18-month program through IWU, getting my teaching license, and... yeah. I don't actually want to teach, which sounds silly, I know. But I do love tutoring and would love to do something like that, and it takes a teaching license to do it. So there.

3- Got a job at a restaurant in downtown Zionsville. Two restaurants, actually. They're owned and operated by the same people. They are G. Simone's (moderately-price, lighter fare) and Plum's Upper Room (casual fine dining). I'm training to become a server. I'm also still working at Banana downtown. Also, I may through in a couple random hours for the children's clothing shop Laura (the woman I live with) works at.

4- I will have a house as of mid-November. Not an actual house that I own, just one to stay at. There's a couple in Z-ville that winters in Florida, so I'll have it from mid-November to sometime in May. It's incredibly well-priced, and it's a house! Yay!

So that about wraps it up... excluding my new hair cut, which you've probably seen on facebook, and my new glasses (lovely tortoise shell Ray Bans...)... and a pair or two of new boots...
Life after college. Wow.

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  1. I love you... and your blog... and your life after college. Better than mine in a lot of respects-- fo sho. PS. I saw, "Cracked Kettles," on Mer's list of ppl to follow, and somehow knew it was you. It was kind of like love at first sight; thank you, for creating that emotion in my life. :)