Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summertime List

Things I should be doing today:

1- Sweeping the floors for the millionth time (not literally... but it feels like it)

2- Unpacking the 4 very large boxes of clothes that I haven't seen for 2 years (literally)

3- Hunting frantically for a job

4- Cleaning other various parts of my apartment

5- Maybe working on my tan for the 2 upcoming weddings I'll take part in this summer

6- Explore my new neighborhood so I know where things are when I need them

Things I am actually doing today:

1- Reading hilarious and insightful and culturally relevant blogs (and wondering if I can write them, if they make money, if I could make money in the same way that these seasoned writers are making money, and if they even make enough money to buy groceries.)

2- Sitting around in my underwear because it's too hot to wear anything and I refuse to turn on the air conditioning (I am not currently making the money)

3- Updating my GPS (which is actually one productive and useful thing! *pats self on back*)

4- Researching tattoo parlors and also cameras (both of which I am considering for my annual "birthday present to me")

5- Making lists of things that I may or may not actually accomplish today

6- Excitedly using the CRAP out of the newly installed internet in my apartment (I've never had my own internets before!)

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