Monday, May 9, 2011

Sorry for the distinct lack of blog lately, it's been a crazy past few weeks.
To recap: Graduation. I finished up finals on Thursday morning (ending with a lovely one for Shakespeare by the fabulous Dr. Dan Strait), worked on packing up (did more whining than packing), and then began all the graduation festivities. Friday had graduation practice (during which my roommate, Joy, and I played I-spy via text) and my family came down in time for Baccalaureate. Saturday rolled around (after a late night of senior pranking), and I checked my email around 9am for the expected email... to no avail. So I went off and graduated (yay, hooray!)
After graduation came more packing, loading, maneuvering, goodbye-ing, hugging, coffee drinking, and driving home (for what I thought would be all summer). I made it home at the point where I had begun to... well, not hallucinate, but definitely imagine things that were not actually true (I had very little sleep that week, to be fair...)
Sunday morning, I slept in. I woke up and decided to check my email, and- there it was! Three beautiful emails about how I had a summer job. Sent on Saturday, one hour before graduation. So I had a job- in Indy. Wherever would I live?!
A few quick calls... and I found out the position will be somewhere in the northwest-ish part of Indy... Quite fortuitously, my aunt lives in Zionsville, connected me with her pastor and his wife and BAM- a place to live for the summer.
PLUS I called the Banana Republic down there and they're hiring, so I applied for an evening/weekend job.

God is so good. And getting a summer job, a place to live, and some much needed rest has made the past few days pretty cool.


  1. You use entirely too many parentheticals (though I give you props for using them correctly) in this blog.

  2. I am an English major and I do as I please, sir!