Sunday, July 17, 2011

So I just realized it's been a while since I've blogged, though I recently signed up for this website, It's this project where it's completely private and you try to write 750 words (3 typed pages) every day. Sort of as a "brain dump" or whatever. So far, I'm failing miserably at doing it consistently, but I'm getting better about it.

Let's see what has happened since I last blogged... Oh! My summer learning program, Summer Advantage, is rolling! We're heading into week 4 of 5 weeks, crazy that it's going so fast! I've spent the last 3 weeks with 17 kindergartners. They're ridiculously cute and ridiculously screwed up. Imagine a happy little classroom of elementary schoolers, right? Think of the "bad kid" in the class. Then multiply him by 17. That's my classroom. The thing is... they're not "the bad kids." Or... they don't mean to be. But home situations, a culture that tells them they have to be tough and mean to survive, a steady supply of teachers yelling at them and labeling them "the bad kid" and VOILA! A recipe for an unsuccessful education. So what we're doing is trying to have as much patience and understanding as we can, to talk to them about how they have the power to make decisions about their actions, and giving them as much love and attention as possible. Plus trying to do this with 17 kids all day... It's exhausting, to say the least.

The final Harry Potter movie came out the other night. I went to the midnight showing. As dorky as this may sound, I feel a sense of loss. My childhood friends are all grown up and fighting dark wizards... The whole magical world created in Rowling's mind is pretty much over. And, as Bethany blogged recently (here), it marks the passing of my own childhood. I guess graduation should have done this, but this feels like the sort of capstone. Now I have to go out, get a grown up job, pay bills, be responsible. Though that doesn't mean I won't escape into Harry's world often to reminisce and reread. :)

People keep asking what I'm doing at the end of the summer. The answer is... I don't know. This summer job ends in three weeks, and the plans I thought I had (Korea) just don't seem to be falling into place. I've sent out my resume to several places, all editing-type stuff (which is something I've always wanted to do)... I'm hoping I get a bite... Honestly, I'm not all that worried. I've waited for God to show me right up to the last second, and he hasn't let me down yet. So I have full faith that sometime in the next three weeks or so, something will open up. And it will be wonderful and will all fall into place. Not because "oh, I'm a Christian, so only good things happen to me" but because God has proven himself to be faithful over and over again... and I desire to know his will.

Anyways... that's where my mind's been lately. Sorry for the distance between blogs.

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  1. Oh Harry... it is sad, isn't it? Google "pottermore" and get excited. Thanks for the nod to my post. :-)

    Praying for you as you're looking for guidance. I know I will be in your shoes soon enough, and I hope I'll have the same kind of peace and faith that you're expressing now. It's encouraging. :-)