Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today is only Wednesday, and it's already been a long week...
Usually when I have a long week, I like to... "splurge" a little. Okay, that shouldn't be in quotation marks. I splurge. No "" about it. So after a long day of curriculum training, I was on my way to find a mall when I decided I'd like a manicure instead. I started combing the strip malls I was passing until I found one.

Inside, I met a man named Ten. He told me it was Vietnamese for "forward" (which is pretty great, I think). We started talking and he found out I majored in English. So he told me about his attempts to get a GED- all he has left is to take the writing portion. So while getting a manicure, I taught Ten how to write an essay.

I love the little ways in which life intersects with others. It makes me feel all connected-y...

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